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'very professional, excellent teaching strategy and if you can teach me to drive ...'


Antonio Pili is one of the most charming and charismatic man I have ever had the pleasure of being educated by, yet this is nothing compared to his remarkable ability to teach a student (like my-self) to drive. Where my previous driving instructors had failed, Antonio succeeded, due to his vast attention to detail, constant correcting and his master like understanding of driving. It was a delight to learn of Antonio and I would recommend him to any-one learning to drive, especially if they had failed with a previous instructor.


"Thanks Antonio for helping me pass first time..... After my first set of lessons with another instructor I gave up for four years until a colleague gave me your number. That day changed my life. Your teaching style is fantastic and you went beyond getting me through my test to make me a safer, more confident driver. Your persistence and confidence in me even on those bad days were a major factor in passing my driving test and your professionalism made the difficult task of passing my driving test seem a great deal easier. It wasn't all about the driving though... without your help with Hazard Perception and theory I would still be sitting on the bus. You were a fantastic instructor and I have and will continue to recommend you to friends, family and anyone else who is wanting to take steps to passing their driving tests. Ian Hindmarch "


Antonio was my driving instructor and he helped me pass both my theory and practical tests by working around my strengths and reducing the weaker parts of my driving so that they also became strengths.


My driving lessons with Antonio were excellent. Antonio always arrived on time and the whole two hour lesson was used to maximum benefit. I always come away from my lessons feeling like I had made progress, everything was well taught, either through demonstration, talking about it or well drawn diagrams. When I first began my lessons it was often late afterwork or a busy day and my concentration was low. Antonio noticed this and changed my lessons to a saturday morning. I found this suited me a lot better and I progressed a lot quicker. When it came to my driving test I felt nervous but also well prepared. Now I feel am a very confident driver, and this has been noticed by friends and family. I would recommend Antonio to any one who was thinking of driving lessons.


Driving Tuition with Antonio was definitely worth every penny. Antonio provided sound instructions and used various methods to ensure that the learning experience was as thorough yet as fast as possible. I would recommend Antonio as an instructor because not only did I learn to drive, I had a good time doing it too.


Antonio's enthusiastic yet firm guidance helped to create a learning environment that spawned both confidence and awareness. His professionalism and dedication to teaching was a great help to me whilst learning and I am very grateful for all of his help in preparing me for my test and generally helping me become a safe driver.


Antonio Pili is a brilliant driving instructor and because of this I passed first time. If I had any problems with a manouevre or anything then we would go over it together and this helped build up my confidence as a driver.


Antonio was amazing he didn't just show me how to pass my test .he showed me how to be a better driver and give me the skills & confidence to pass my driving test and be a safe & confident driver .


'I am glad that I took my lessons from Antonio. He is a very professional and commited instructor who loves his profession and does not believe in cutting any corners. Although at the beginning I thought that he was too strict and sometimes a bit fussy, I now realize that whatever he said was for a reason. Apart from helping me in passing my driving test, he has made me a safe driver. I would definitely recommed Antonio to anyone who is looking forward to taking driving lessons and becoming a safe driver.'


'Antonio is a very patient, pleasant and thorough instructor. Never once did i feel nervous or worried whilst learning to drive.'


I PASSED! After 3 different instructors and about 5 tests I was ready to give up, but the confidence that I had lost seemed to be restored when Antonio took me on. I had a block of lessons with Antonio and passed on my first test with him, then went on to do my pass plus. He is a fantastic instructor!


I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Antonio. He has nerves of steel and ensured I became a safe, confident driver. I highly recommend learning to drive with Antonio.


Back in August 2006 I started taking driving lessons with Antonio, I was just turned 17 and nervous about driving, I though I'd be rubbish! Antonio put me completely at ease and I was surprised at myself that I drove home by the end of the first lesson! He has the patience of a saint and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to drive. If ever I tried to give up he would spur me on and encourage me to believe in myself. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive I passed my theory first time and my test within 6 months of starting!


Antonio teaches each stage of driving very well, from the very basics all the way through to the most difficult parts like the parking by making every stage clear. He is a very good teacher and also easy to get along with. I remember he was always good at getting to know me by having a good chat, which made learning to drive less stressful. Passing first time must also show that he is a good teacher since he gave me the confidence going into the test. Overall I was glad to have Antonio as an instructor since he have made me a confident driver, thanks Antonio.


Antonio is a fantastic driving instructor. He doesn't just teach you to pass your driving test, he teaches you how to drive so when you pass your test you can be confident in your driving ability.


"I would recommend Antonio to everyone... always on time, very focused during lessons and a really genuine guy who is easy to get along with". I felt a sense of achievement after every lesson and Antonio doesn't just teach you how to pass but also how to remain safe and confident once you have passed.


I can only speak for myself here but you were a great factor in me passing my test. The way you teach your learners is second to none mate.


I truly enjoyed my time learning to drive with Antonio. His motivational and practical driving instructions certainly helped boost my confidence and quickly got rid of learner's nerves which undoubtedly helped me pass first time. I would definitely recommend Antonio for his professional and dedicated approach to driving.


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